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Socialism is a good idea that was implemented incorrectly

This Myths vs Facts database indicates, and the publication “Socialism: Reality instead of Myths” discusses in detail, the failure and negative consequences of the social experiment carried out in Czechoslovakia that implemented the institutional features of socialism during the years 1948 through 1989. The important thing is that the system supported the superiority of one group of people over other subordinated group people with the communist party elite holding the concentrated power to decide about the developments within both the economy and the entire society and about lives and destinies of people.

The case of Czechoslovakia also confirmed that a socialist society may be maintained and implemented only by a centralized authoritative and repressive regime led by a monopolistically deciding elite exercising institutional powers. In this way, that unjust regime with immoral roots systematically forced people to obedience, arose fear in them, and incited them to behave immorally. The fact that central control of the economy without private ownership of assets that people may use to carry out business activities fails economically and causes the economy to lag behind market economies was confirmed in our country as well.The regime robbed people of their freedom, dignity, standard of living, and some of them even of their lives. 

The socialist experiment carried out in Czechoslovakia had destructive economic, moral, and other consequences for people and the entire society and we are still facing some of those consequences even today. At the same time, it serves as a historical example of the systematically repressive, anti-human, economically and morally failing, and anti-civilization basis of socialism. Similarly like all other alike social experiments, also this case has proven socialism to be an incorrect idea that is incompatible with the Western civilization based on freedom and inherent dignity of each individual (more in chapter General theoretical and methodological starting points).